Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Itihaas is a blog which showcases the activities of the History Club of Pushpanjali College of Education, Vasai.

We do hope that the inputs on this blog will help teachers teaching history to make their classes interesting and interactive.

Pushpanjali 's History Club Members

Members of Pushpanjali College of Education History Club
Faculty in Charge: Dr Agnes Cynthia D'Costa

Ms Lovetty Ger

Students : 2015-17 batch

Ms Prit DCunha
Ms Suparna Jaiswal
Ms Melrita Gomes
Ms Sandra Faroz
Ms Roshni D'Mello

Ms Priyanca Pereira

Ms Linet Britto

2016-18 batch

Ms Poonam Nunes

Ms Mary Moulath

Ms Brinal Andrades

Ms Dulcina Fernandes

Ms Bertina Fernandes

Ms Altina Fonseca

Ms Namrata Mhatre

Ms Sleria DSouza

Ms Priya Dcunha
Ms Nikita Dsouza
Mr Anthony Dias

2017-19 batch
Ms Saloni Carvalho
Ms Aishwarya Jadhav
Ms Neha Sharma
Ms Sarita Rao

Fr Anthony
Ms Welcina Rodrigues
Ms Mary Antony
Ms Snehal Pereira
Ms Larissa Noronha
Ms Jessica Almeida
Ms Brevia Tuscano
Ms Sweenam Gonsalves

History News 

  May 2017 A photo essay on Vasai Fort by Shri Pascal Lopes 

Vasai Fort

Learn about Sopara 

May 2016  Harappa like site found in Tamil Nadu

An article worth reading
Bells from the Churches in  Vasai Fort